Jolapilla, Jal.México.

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Our remedy.

Whit the intention of helping to improve your health, we are extracting the juice of this plant and bottling it, to make it available for you. ¿what does this juice contain which makes it so special? Studies have shown that the lechuguilla juice contains excelent natural properties which aids or prevents in the treatment of some illnesses. Properties such as antioxidants, anti inflammatories and antidiabetics.


Benefits for your health.

The antioxidants protects the body from free radicals, thereby slowing the aging process. Furthermore it is known that: Antioxidants protect the body by fighting free radicals, thus slowing the aging process. Furthermore it is well known that: antioxidants when consumed as food has significant potential to reduce the development of those illnesses which currently most affects the world’s population (cardiovascular diseases, tumor and neuro-degenerative). The anti-inflammatory properties, control the inflammatory process which have unfolded in our body. Inflammation occurs in response to an aggressive factor, known or unknown. Antidiabetic properties are excellent in reducing blood glucose levels. That is why Lechuguilla juice serves as an aid in the treatment of: cancer, and diabetes, as well as ulcers, colitis, constipation, bleeding, high triglycerides, high cholesterol, and even kidney pain.


Clinical evidence.

We have revealing diagnostics regarding better health and recovery from physical discomfort after the treatment has been received.

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